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Amourplated, acrylic on canvas by Angela Chargois

When we’re feeling fear, sorrow, anger or emptiness toward the world – or at any situation we find ourselves in the midst of – and we want to armor our heart in protective layers, that is the perhaps the best time to remember that:

Our fears point to our past suffering and the heart-centered courageousness it takes to face them. How lucky to know our strength.

Our sorrow points to a sense of loss, beneath which lies our love and caring. How fortunate to have loved so deeply.

Our anger points to our outrage at injustice and insistence on right action. How wonderful to be in touch with something bigger.

Our emptiness points to a sense of longing and uncertainty from which something new can arise. How profound to understand our creative nature so deeply.

Staying in the pain of fear, sorrow, anger and emptiness, hiding away our heart, leads to self-inflicted wounding and suffering.

As best you can, try to remember what lies beneath. Seek it out and let it make itself known to you.

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