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Unfolding Unfoldment

Unfolding Unfoldment , Mixed Media, Angela Chargois

In the coaching world and spiritual circles, you hear the word unfoldment a lot. So much so, that it can feel overused.

Yet try as I might, I can't find a word that better describes what is happening when someone deepens their knowing of who they are through personal development and coaching.

Imagine the most intricately folded origami art you've ever seen. Now imagine unfolding it, bit by bit, and sometimes in a flurry when you're in the flow. Now imagine it laid flat as one single sheet of paper with all the lines and creases from the folds present, revealing a unique pattern that itself is a work of art. This paper, wholly intact, made all the more beautiful from the understanding of what it is, what it has been and what it can become. This is the nature of our own unfoldment.

It's a wonder. It's a delight. It's a mystery. It's an incredible thing to witness and have a hand in. It's hard work, best done with a companion. And, it's inspirational.

Out of this marveling, this piece was born. A testament to my own unfoldment, that of respected peers, mentors, loved ones and courageous clients known and to be known.

Ever unfolding, revealing boundless truth and beauty. In darkness and in light.

Art: Unfolding Unfoldment, acrylic and velum on canvas by Angela Chargois

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