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What People Say

About Working With Angela

"I appreciate so many of the qualities Angela brings to her work as a coach, including her compassion, creativity, and joie de vivre. She is a role model for me in her ability to embody and express a vast range of emotion.

As someone who has typically sped through life by soldiering on, getting things done and blocking out anything that made me uncomfortable, through my work with Angela I was able to gain more access to the wisdom and power available to me in the present moment.  She helped enable me to slow down and take in more of my current experience, intellectually, emotionally and physically.   Angela's coaching helped me let go of old thought patterns and habits that were no longer serving me and engage in new, more productive behaviors, resulting in improved relationships with others and increased effectiveness in my work.


Angela is a committed, supportive and talented coach. I highly recommend her for anyone who is wanting to go deeper into who they are as a human being and to open up the possibilities that come from gaining more access to their own joy and wonder."

Julie Cullinane-Smith, Management Consultant and Executive Coach

San Francisco Bay Area 


“I’ve witnessed a large boost in confidence in all of [our leaders that Angela is coaching], which has led to stronger performance in the workplace and also in growing the influence and reach of our ERG. All are finding their authentic leadership voices, exercising shared leadership in growing the ERG, and are fully harnessing their diverse backgrounds to achieve results and driving impact.”


Brent Wilkinson, Chief People Officer




"Angela is a gift to anyone who is curious about exploring how they could become a better version of themselves. She’s very attentive, deeply compassionate and brings a quality of lightness that illuminates any situation. Angela’s commitment to our coaching relationship was clear right from the start. I was deeply touched by the development plan she created for me; it was evident how well she understood me, my context and challenges and understood what would support me during that period of my life and beyond. My development plan was really well structured, easy to follow and easy to integrate in to my busy life.    


Over the years, I had become skillful at moving away from situations that caused me to feel discomfort, often blaming others without taking a serious look at how I had contributed. Angela was very supportive in helping me explore this pattern in more depth and experience a breakthrough. Prior to that, I pretended to be open to feedback, but looking back, I can see just how sensitive I was about feedback. This was a salient point in our coaching relationship – Angela’s kindness allowed me to be kind to myself and to develop ongoing curiosity about whatever made me feel the discomfort. With her help, I learned that my triggers were opportunities for me to slow down, connect with myself and see what was there for me to learn about myself and the situation. 


Since I was coached by Angela, I am more accepting of myself, feel more courageous to be vulnerable with others. I'm often told that my authenticity is a key strength and people tell me they feel drawn to me because of it. I’m very confident in saying that Angela was a big part of my transformation." 


Rudi Doku, Chief Innovation Catalyst and Design Sprint Facilitator

Singapore, Singapore

"Coaching sessions were always one of the highlights of my week! It's so empowering to reflect on how much I’ve learned from our journey over the last few months! Thank you for being a sounding board, giving me actionable advice, encouraging me to view my challenges in an entirely different lens, and for helping me instill a renewed sense of courage and confidence in my leadership. This coaching experience came at the perfect time. While the learning will never stop, I feel much more prepared to dive head first into my new role and be successful in it."


Meghan Shipp, Sr. Communications Manager


"Angela has skillfully supported me to really open up and feel a deeper and more encompassing self respect, a kind of embracing of my experience with curiosity and openness that continues to impact me far after our coaching conversations have passed. 

That is why I see Angela as not just a coach, but a true teacher and a deeper guide than most. She knew the importance of helping me to recognize this in myself so that it had a more lasting impact. Because of our work together, I am able to stay with myself and to embrace what is happening in my experience in a deeper way.

I am touched by Angela’s grace and commitment to her work. And I am both grateful and humbled by what it means to become more real and authentic in a world where this is rare and often overlooked by others."

Robert Kenfield, Founder of DreamLife Design. Inc.

Vancouver, BC


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