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Carl Jung said,

"The privilege of a lifetime

is to become who you truly are."


I agree and I'd like to help. 




The What

Working across the leadership spectrum, I draw on my twenty years of experience and training in business, leadership development, and executive coaching to support leaders and teams in meeting the challenges and complexities of their business via individual and group coaching or development program facilitation. My clients span the globe and include those within private sector and publicly-held firms, as well as entrepreneurs.


Having been a leader within global organizations and an entreprener as well, I bring a grounded, pragmatic understanding of the realities my clients face coupled with the aim of fostering sustainable change to our work together. Coaching in all its forms focuses on the individual and the system by addressing the personal, interpersonal, and organizational dimensions in which individuals and teams are situated. 


The Why


Growing up as a creative, racially-ambiguous looking kid and the youngest of five in constantly changing environments, I learned to become something of a chameleon, shape shifting and code switching to meet the demands of the situations I found myself in. This made me incredibly adaptable, but with little sense of who I truly was. As an adult, this phenomenon played out in my personal and professional lives too.


While in art school, I excelled at assignments, but struggled with determining my own creative parameters. As a co-owner of a business, I deferred a lot, despite the business being built upon my expertise. In making relationships, I wasn't very discerning and just kind of went with the flow. And in my first foray into leadership, I acted the way I thought managers should act and modeled the behavior of others, but it never felt quite right. Acting like an idealized manager felt like wearing an ill-fitting, borrowed suit and it created an invisible, yet palpable barrier between me and my team. They could sense my inauthenticity and this eroded trust which impaired performance.  This was uncomfortable for all of us and definitely not a formula for success.  

But an interesting thing happened when I got clear about what was important to me and started being true to myself. My life began to come together in a way that felt more empowering. I felt more engaged, my sense of pride stemmed from the value I brought and what I had created, my relationships evolved, my art became more expressive, my leadership became more personal and authentic, and I became more at peace with myself. 

As I became more self aware, I allowed myself to respond genuinely during the great and really difficult times at home and at work. began to foster real connection with myself and others, which led to better relating without hindering clear, direct communication. This deeper relating aided me in keeping my focus on achieving both the longterm goals of my organization and the development of the individuals of which it was comprised. As result, I became a leader of increasingly complex and diverse high-performing global teams. This ignited a passion for helping people grow into their potential and led me to become a professional coach

The How


For the past 12 years, I have drawn on my training as an integral coach, my experience in leadership, and my expertise in personal growth and creative expression to support sustainable development in individual leaders and teams via 1:1 coaching, group coaching and facilitation


With integral coaching, we address the personal, interpersonal, and organizational dimensions of leadership and organizational life thereby fostering long-term excellence, the ability to self-correct, and the competence to be self-generating. This methodology, combined with the pragmatism that comes from 20 years of leadership and my artists' understanding of the role creativity and authenticity play in how we engage with the world, aids me in helping people uncover their authentic selves and support them in embodying and living authentically in all aspects of their life.

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  • A progressive series of leadership roles at Capital One, JP MorganChase and Franklin Templeton Investments leading both global and cross-functional teams 

  • International Coaching Federation​ Professional Certified Coach

  • Coaching certification from New Ventures West School of Integral Coaching

  • Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas

  • Leadership Circle Profile Certified

  • Enneagram Institute Level I Certification

  • Too many master classes and non-certification courses to list!

Angela Chargois
Certified Professional Coach and Facilitator 
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