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Rainbow Coalessence

I have a dream that has come true and that I'm visioning more fully into being.

Rainbow Coalessence, mixed media on canvas by Angela Chargois

Rainbow Coalessence, mixed media on canvas by Angela Chargois

I dream that my life will be full of harmonious diversity. I want my home and community to be a kaleidoscope of varying viewpoints, opinions, races, colors, genders, ideas and ways of being that all come together and partake, participate and contribute to this lush life of mine.

This idea of harmonious diversity isn't just for my external life, its also the driving force of my own personal development and how I hold that of my clients. We are all complex and unique systems of parts and aspects the are born of our experiences of youth and refined over time. Part of you feels one way, another part feels another way. A part of you acts one way, another, completely opposite. Usually, this internal diversity is anything but harmonious.

As within, so without. A dream of a harmoniously diverse life must start with the interiority. We need to make contact with ourselves and really listen to all of these internalized viewpoints. Being with yourself and others in this way requires a particular attitude.

It's an attitude of generosity powered by genuine curiosity. It involves truth-telling about yourself to yourself and a willingness to be surprised and take in ambiguity.

This colorful coming together of essences both internal and external is already a reality and continues developing. I experience it daily. Moment to moment even. There is struggle. There's joy in the struggle. Sometimes there's even struggle in the joy! I feel it, I see it and I revel in it and it is the inspiration for this piece, Rainbow Coalessence.

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