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​Being authentic means aligning your behavior with your values and beliefs and being yourself rather than what you think or have been told you should be. But the truth is... 

You can't become more authentic by trying to be more authentic.

You become more authentic by uncovering and letting go of what is hiding your true self.

This is much easier said than done. Our world seems to thrive on inauthenticity. As a result, you may be in the habit of showing up differently depending on who you are with or what situation you're in—playing a certain role, wearing a particular mask, speaking in a certain manner—basically doing what you've learned it takes to gain acceptance or approval. But over time, these behaviors become habituated to the point of becoming nearly unconscious. When this happens, you may experience the disconcerting feeling of being you, but not yourself. 

Interestingly, if you reflect back on the most meaningful times in your life—the heartfelt connections, genuine praise, constructive feedback, and moments of shared vulnerability—I'm sure you can sense an element of "realness", all made possible by the presence of authenticity. We have an innate desire to be authentic and we want to be around authenticity. It inspires and attracts us. We know it when we experience it and we resonate with it strongly. And precisely because we are so immersed in inauthenticity, we often have a deep craving for its antithesis. You may have even noticed that... 

The more you try to be something other than yourself, 

the more the desire to be yourself grows.

Conversely, when you're aligned with your truth, 

you feel more grounded, centered, easeful and empowered. 

Leading authentically is liberating, but it can also be quite scary to leave the familiarity and predictability that our inauthenticity provides. This is where I can help!  As your coach, I'll work with you to gain greater self-knowledge as we seek to understand your values, beliefs and motivations and how they align and diverge from how you want to live and lead your life. We'll dive into the details and the common threads as we work toward your goals with tailored inquiries, coaching and practices. 

Learn about working with me and my background here. 

Angela Chargois
Certified Professional Coach and Facilitator


"Angela is a gift to anyone who is curious about exploring how they could become a better version of themselves. She’s very attentive, deeply compassionate and brings a quality of lightness that illuminates any situation. Her commitment to our coaching relationship was clear right from the start. It was evident how well she understood me, my context and challenges and understood what would support me during that period of my life and beyond."

Rudi D., Chief Innovation Catalyst and Design Sprint Facilitator

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