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Coaching Services and Programs

Who is coaching for?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to have a thriving life, is willing to invest in their future, 

and is committed to working toward change while remaining curious and courageous.


Making changes requires making changes,
but you need not go it alone.

1:1 Coaching

Individual Coaching


Coaching programs are custom-designed and include bi-weekly one-on-one coaching, practices, exercises, materials and resources aimed at helping you you gain insight into the essence of who you are, discover untapped potential, learn to leverage your strengths and gifts in support of your goals, and develop skills and competencies for embodying lasting change. 


Coaching topics vary, but leadership coaching often focuses on cultivating executive presence, developing personal leadership style or development based on annual review feedback. Personal topics often include facilitating a transition, getting unstuck, accessing personal power, cultivating clarity, or expanding emotional range. Whatever the area(s) of focus, coaching provides guidance, framework, perspective and accountability that can be difficult to achieve on your own.


To learn more, please schedule a free discovery call.


Group Coaching


Enhance your team's leadership skills with workshops or longer programs that are engaging, precise and impactful because they are custom design to addresses your particular needs. Whether they be team building or team learning and development, they are targeted at helping you all achieve lasting results. 

To learn more, please contact me.


Group Personal Development Program


Co-created and co-facilitated with Master Coach, Sarita ChawlaThe Art and Practice of Living Your Authentic Life (LYAL), is a unique 9-month journey toward your authentic self. This program provides a container wherein you are guided, supported and encouraged as you come to an embodied understanding of your personal truth. Along the way, you will deepen your relationship with yourself and others as you gain new understandings and insights about your potentialities, creative nature, emotional landscape, and much more.


Learn more here.



Sel-Hosted Mini Retreats
Personal Development
Coach Training
Professional Development
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